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Why you must do a SEO Audit and Website audit ?

SEO Audit, Website Audit – Your website is one of the most valuable properties your business has, and must be very effective and performing, for your business to progress rapidly. Also, your website is the one, a potential or lead visits before he/she forms an opinion of your company. So, let that opinion or impressions be very good.

A website audit is a detailed assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your website, in terms of content, performance, SEO, site health and security.

A full website audit will reveal inconsistencies that could lead to penalties from Google. Penalties affect ranking on Google’s search engine ranking page (SERP). The audit also assesses how vulnerable the website is to security breaches.

The first step in improving anything is to measure it, an audit will help you measure your current website and take measures to improve the same. Also, this is the only surefire Way to Improve the Performance and ROI of Your Website and your business.

A detailed website audit need to be conducted by an independent firm/consultant, so as to get an impartial and unbiased assessment.

Caution : Insist on an Audit Report, before and after your digital marketing effort. Your agency must willingly give to you the same, without even requesting for. As only a pre and post audit will help you access the cost and benefits.

Also, “doing SEO or improving your website, without an SEO and web audit is like leaving money on the table.”

What we deliver as part of SEO Audit and Website Audit

Website Audit Dubai UAE

Website Health Check

A site health audit assesses the architecture and usability of a website. It also identifies possible gaps in the content structure, technical gaps and the speed of the website. You also discover new opportunities for key performance indicators (KPIs).

Website Audit - Website security check audit Dubai UAE

Website Security Audit

Website security auditing is one of the most important parts of auditing a website. Identify vulnerabilities due to security breaches. A security audit prevents the confidential information of a company or its visitors from being compromised.

Website & SEO Audit Dubai October 15, 2021

SEO & Content Audit

A content audit will help you understand, whether your website content is aligned with your business and SEO keywords. Also checks for duplicate/copied contents. A duplicate content will make your SEO less effective.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Web Analysis

Examining / Analysing, a competitor’s website is beneficial for improving or exceeding, business growth.